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Kiddie Size Carousel Horses; Carousel Restoration & Painting; Carousel Books & Calendars; Complete Carousels; DIY Unpainted Carousel Horses; Carousel Supplies & Stands. carousel carousel running horse studio running horse studio merry-go-round merry-go-round merry-go-round merry-go-round Our Running Horse Studio restoration includes the removal of all metal, such as nails, screws, braces, tin can patching, and whatever else was used in a carousel piece's decades of "ASAP!".

We specialize in reproducing broken and worn down parts so that they look and function just as the originals did. .

Largest selection of Carousel Stands, Brass Poles, and hard to find supplies. .

The horses at the restored Savage carousel at Great Adventure in New Jersey have very little in common with Prince.

home is a 3 bed, 2. $1,799. Supplier Intended and Approved Use.

$109. These are museum quality restorations at affordable prices. Wooden Horse Restoration & Conservation : The photos on this page represent some of the many restorations by Patricia Mullins of rocking and carousel horses. Step 3: Body Repair. The adorable set is perfect for adding a mid century motif to a bar or a table setting.

com website has the largest selection of Antique Wooden Carousel Horses, Animals, Figures, Trim on the Internet, with photos, descriptions and prices.

The first thing that I needed to do was to reinforce the body as the plastic was pretty brittle after all these years. .


The carousel’s 68 horses and two chariots are wearing mostly their original paint; the carousel is believed to be one of only three operating carousels in the United States to still be.

Our Carousel horse supplies including Brass are for anyone either replacing, repairing , carving, or restoring both Carousel and Rocking horse pieces.

Scot went to check out WRF Designs in Plainville where beautiful antique carousel horses are refurbished!.

Aug 13, 2018 - Carousel horse base and stand sets, and carousel restoration supplies.